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If you want to enjoy the time you spend with your dog even more, having a well trained dog is essential. If your dog is stealing steaks off the BBQ, or jumping up on people when you have company over, it makes it hard to enjoy time with loved ones when you are constantly having to oversee your dogs behaviour. Jacqui will help you with your dog in the comfort of your home, with the issues you are having. Jacqui doesn’t teach every dog the same things because she knows that all dogs are individuals with strengths and weaknesses. She will help you foster your dogs positives and minimize the negatives. She has many years of experience working with dog owners to ensure that they can do more things with their dogs.

Dog Training My Luv offers free evaluations in the comfort of your home so that we can discuss your training needs and expectations.


E-Collar Training

6 sessions | $1000 - e collar to be purchased separately

Many people hear about e-collar training and are considering using the e-collar to train their dog off leash. Jacqui is an e-collar specialist and can help you train your dog with the use of an e-collar the right way! Don’t know where to start? This set of classes will set you up for off leash reliability and freedom. In six sessions Jacqui will introduce you and your dog low-level remote collar training. By the end of the training you will be able to have a dog that will always come back to you when called… No matter how big the distraction, this training will give your dog plenty more freedom.

Off leash training is what we focus on in this program, however, we also cover many obedience commands and we also focus heavily on solving your dogs behaviour problems.

Pooch Etiquette Program

4 sessions (1 hour each) | $750 - Prong collar included

I will come and assess your dog and put together a solid obedience plan so you and your dog can start achieving goals right away. If you want a calm, well-mannered polite dog and are ready for some homework and follow through. This is the program for you. All of the training is done at your home to insure that your dog will respond the way you want them to when Jacqui leaves your house! Some things we typically work on:

  • Sit/Down
  • Place
  • Come (recall)
  • Thresholds
  • Loose leash walking
  • Jumping/Nipping/Counter surfing
  • Overall excitement
  • Overall bratty behavior

Polite Pooch Walking Program

2, 1 hour Sessions | $350

Prong Collar Included

Are you sick and tired of your dog pulling, marking, and any other bratty behaviors? Well, then I can help! In the first 75 minute session, I will show you how a calm structured walk should look, explaining what I am doing every step of the way. Learning threshold, auto-sits, and the importance of clear communication through our energy and leadership. In the second session, we will go into real world situations and I will guide you and show you what you can achieve so that you will be on your way to walking like a champ!!!

Loose leash walking is what we focus on in this program.

Puppy Classes

3 sessions | $300

First session is 1 hour, remaining 2 sessions are 30 minutes.

This class is all about the abc’s of basic obedience while also having fun! You and your puppy will learn crate manners, sit, place, come, markers and loose leash walking. There will  be lots of homework! Remember, you will only see results, if you practice and follow through. We will give you all the essentials to get you and your puppy off to a good start in life!! 

Dog Walking

30 MINUTES | $40

1 HOUR | $50

Your schedule is busy and your dog still deserves exercise to stay fit and happy. Lack of exercise can lead to many behavioral issues as this energy is not being released. Jacqui Butler is an experienced dog trainer and dog walker who can work with your dog to ensure that he or she is healthy and happy. Having a dog trainer walk your dog/dogs is like killing two birds with one stone. Your dog will come home tired, happy and well trained.

Dog Sitting 


Jacqui Butler has many years of experience in dog sitting furry friends in the comfort of their home. She is a well-organized, clean, professional who will work on training with your dog while dog sitting them. She is known for treating the pets as her own and going above and beyond what is needed to keep them happy. There are a lot of puppies that are now happy and satisfied because they were in good hands with Jacqui while their pet parents were away.