Jacqui Butler

Dog Lover


Longtime dog and horse trainer, Jacqui Butler lives in Long Island NY. She provides in-home dog training, dog sitting services and dog walking. Jacqui knows how important it is to her clients that they have the best care and training available. Jacqui treats her clients like family, and her clients dogs like her own.

Growing up with horses and dogs was not enough for Jacqui, she needed to make it her life's work. She worked for Petco as the trainer mentor for many years before offering her services full time to her clients. Jacqui is a professional member of the IACP. (International Association of Canine Professionals).



Jacqui, You are a life saver! A true miracle worker.  I honestly don’t know how you did it but not only did you train gizmo and Cosmo but you trained me as well. And you did it with such love, patience, caring and understanding. I cherish the bond that you have with both of my dogs and with me and I just want you to know that I think you are wonderful. Thank you for everything. You are the best.

/  Gina W.  /