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Jacqui was fantastic! We are truly amazed by the results we have seen in our Genny in such a short period of time! She taught our rude, defiant and crazy little girl, how to behave like a polite and obedient little lady.... and she taught us how to ensure that it continues. We saw a change after our first session!! She's a talented and lovely person...we can not recommend her enough!

/  Christy W.  /


Exceptional training from an exceptional expert!

Jacqui’s knowledge and techniques makes dog training enjoyable for both you and your dog. Her tips, suggestions, and training will be helpful to even the most experienced of dog owners. I will forever be thankful to Jacqui for all her help with Bailey, my 115 lb. Rottweiler.

Because of the training we received, Bailey is calm, obedient, and well behaved in all situations. I would HIGHLY recommend Jacqui to anyone looking for a qualified, professional dog trainer.

/  Debbie S.  /


Jacqui gave me everything I needed to establish a wonderful relationship with my three year old rescue, Percy. The first few weeks of having him in my home were stressful and difficult. He was growling, pulling on the leash and showing over-excited dominant behavior. I was in need of help! Jacqui took the time to break down each step of balanced training while taking the time to explain why it works. I have had Percy for five months as of today. I am so proud to say he doesn't growl. He doesn't pull on walks. He doesn't bark, cry or jump like he used too. I told Jacqui that I wanted a dog I could take to an outdoor cafe. It seemed like a pipe dream. She assured me, that short time ago, that if I followed her lessons and did the homework, I would have that dog. Today, Percy and I had breakfast at an outdoor cafe for the first time and it was brilliant. Thank you Jacqui!!!!

/  Jacqueline M.  /


Jacqui Butler did the unthinkable with my family's German Shepard Diesel. He was a good dog but contained so much energy and love for new people which made it very difficult to enter the house or go for a walk. After just one session Diesel and I were able to go on walks together with out barking or pulling me down the street. After the second session on one of our walks a local police officer stopped to say how beautiful he was and how much he wanted a German Shepard. I was able to introduce Diesel then he sat a waited while we discuss his story. I almost went home in tears of joy because I never thought that would be possible with him. Jacqui is amazing and knows exactly how to target the training to the specific dog and client needs.

/  Kaitlin S.  /


What a difference Jacqui has made for Tessa and me! Jacqui has taught not only Tessa how to walk properly on a leash amongst other things but has been able to transfer those same behaviors that Tessa exhibits with her to me!!! With other trainers and dogs that I have had in the past, I found that the puppy would listen to the trainer but not to me. Practice is definitely important and Jacqui has stressed that to me. Both Tessa and I can vouch for that. Tessa has learned to sit and stay in her place with Jacqui's guidance. She has made such a difference in our lives and I thank her immensely for that.

/  Marilyn D.  /


Jacqui has been an amazing influence on our puppy and on us! My husband and I had planned to adopt an older dog, but fell in love with a 3 month old puppy who jumped into our arms at a rescue shelter. Oh boy, we didn't know what we were in for! A neighbor recommended Jacqui, and we are glad to have found her. A big part of training with Jacqui involves learning how we, as fur-parents, need to communicate with our dog to ensure respect and obedience, along with mutual love. Jacqui has been instrumental in turning our rambunctious puppy into a more well-behaved adolescent who continues to improve every time.

/   Miri M.  /


My fiancé and I rescued a 5 and a half month old puppy who desperately needed training. I couldn't walk our puppy in a leash, she would try and teeth on our hands and always jump on us. We found Jacqui and she was and still is our miracle! Jacqui has showed the both of us how to communicate with our puppy and have structure in our household. We rescued our second dog recently and the first person I knew I needed to call was Jacqui. Jacqui is such a sweet and caring woman and my fiancé and I have bonded with her and you don't get that from any other dog trainers. I highly recommend using Jacqui without a doubt.

/   Lauren G.  /


I was blessed to have found Jacqui at the beginning of my "pet parenthood" and she has seen me through everything from "sit" to aggression issues. I use Jacqui's services for both walking and training, and Jacqui provides so much more than a "potty break" and stretch of the legs - her experience and knowledge provide Seamus with consistent reinforcement of the rules, socialization and keeps me on target as the leader. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to increase their communication with their dog, build leadership and trust with their dog so their dog can feel comfortable in real world situations. I can't imagine where I'd be without her!

/   Kathleen A.  /


Jacqui was absolutely amazing with my wheaten terrier Maggie! Before Jacqui, Maggie was extremely anxious, nervous and could not stay in one spot for very long. Jacqui was able to give my family and I the proper tools to help Maggie live a more relaxed and happier life. I would recommend Jacqui to anyone!!

/   Samantha A.  /